Our approach -

what is visual storytelling?


Stories are forever

They say that stories are integral to human culture and storytelling is timeless. Visual storytelling is done by narrating a story through a series of photographs. We don’t want to shoot what it looks like, we want to shoot what it feels like. We will capture your story with a unique storytelling approach - we will try not to pose you too much, rather we will focus on the emotion and connection between you and your partner / family.

Every photo we capture has meaning, purpose and a story to tell. Our packages include all images that relate to your story - we simply can’t ask you to choose just 10 of the ‘best’ images, not only does it make us feel horrible (how can you see all of these beautiful images and then have to choose between one or the other?), but also because ALL of the images are actually the ‘best ones’... purely for the fact that each and every image makes up YOUR STORY.

You wouldn’t buy a novel and then only choose chapters 1, 5 and 6 to read would you? If your child picks a flower to give to you, we need to focus on that - a photo of them handing you the flower, a close up of the flower and how it fit in their tiny little hand, the smile on their face as they give you a gift of nature.

Let’s document the real and raw,

let’s keep those memories forever.