pre-wedding questionnaire

Not long now until your wedding day, and I am so excited to be photographing it for you both!

Please complete the form with as much detail as possible. If there is something which you feel I need to know, but no space/section on the form to enter this then please put this in an email to me or arrange to have a call.

Completing this questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes. This may seem like a lot of questions but it's crucial I really know what's going on. I realise some of these details I may already have but the more I know about the day in advance the better! Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Name *
Partner's Name:
Partner's Name:
Partner's mobile number:
Partner's mobile number:
This is where your USB package will be sent to.
Keep in mind the package we have agreed upon.
Please allow 45-60 minutes for bridal prep at a minimum. Please wait until I arrive before you (the bride) opens any gifts and please do not get changed into your dress until I arrive.
Please allow 45-60 minutes for bridal prep at a minimum. Please wait until I arrive before you (the bride) opens any gifts.
If parking is limited at the ceremony location, please ensure you have reserved a park for me (List it as Photographer). As I don't want to be late - normally I will leave the bridal prep 10 minutes prior but this will just ensure I have enough time to get there, park, and set up before the bride arrives.
If the same as ceremony, leave blank.
Please list any specific group photos you would like here:
Are there any special guests coming to the wedding that you would like to be sure and get a photo with?
Do you have a formal exit planned?
E.g. Videographer, Florist, Cake Artist, Band/DJ, Transport, Makeup artist, Hairdresser, wedding dress/suit suppliers?
Wedding Preview (Facebook)
Do you want a next day wedding preview (about 5-10 photos) on Lemon Poppy Photography Facebook page?
Website gallery
Do you want a public wedding gallery on the website of Lemon Poppy Photography?
Overtime Agreement * If the schedule runs overtime, the photographer will first check with the couple if they would like to add hours to their photography coverage, for the agreed amount (to be paid after the wedding). If an important moment is taking place at the time the photographer is due to finish coverage, the photographer will continue to photograph the wedding until an opportunity arrises that they are able to talk to the couple without interrupting the schedule. If the photographer has worked overtime, the client has the option to purchase the images taken during overtime, for the agreed amount (based on hourly overtime rate), otherwise the images that were taken during this time will be deleted. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full before any post processing/editing of any of the wedding images will take place.